"Intelligent platform Bar" Schiphol.

Nov. 22, 2017

Travelers at Schiphol Airport station can board the train at Schiphol more easily and quickly from mid-November. All this by the Intelligent Platform Bar (IPB) on the platform. This allows travelers to see where they can get in and where the 1st and 2nd class are located, even before the train arrives. The IPB must contribute to a better spread on the crowded platforms at Schiphol Airport.

The new passenger information system must ensure that people can get on and off the train faster, so that the platform can handle more passengers. An IPB pilot has already been carried out at Station Den Bosch. The IPB at Schiphol Airport is the first one that will actually be used for a longer period of time. ProRail and NS take six weeks to fine-tune the IPB. The first six weeks, a so-called resting picture is visible on the screens. The IPB will be taken into use in mid-November.

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