Solar Tree gives energy.

Dec. 7, 2017

This week, Dura Vermeer received the final tender for the project “Trekfiets viaduct” the Hague. It is a new bicycle viaduct across the A4 highway between junction Ypenburg and Prins Clausplein.

The viaduct consists out of two sections that have a length of approximately 80 meters. These are devided in two parts of 40 meters and mounted on temporary support points. The bridge parts can be connected constructively afterwards. The solar tree, designed by Fabrique, provides the bridge of energy.

The viaduct contains LED lighting and provides itself with energy by means of the solar tree. This artificial tree, with solar panels as leaves, generates enough energy for the LEDs on the bridge. The design of the solar tree consists of elements that can be found in the viaduct itself. The fence of the viaduct contains the triangular details that match the leaves of the tree. The curved posts of the solar tree refer to the handrails of the viaduct. So, these objects are two stand-alone objects that go well together in the environment. Real eye-catchers!

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