In Memoriam: René Bubberman

June 25, 2019

We are shocked and extremely saddened by the sudden death of our founder and colleague René Bubberman. On Friday 21 June 2019, René was killed in an accident while pursuing one of his favourite hobbies - piloting a small aircraft.

René studied Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology. He founded Fabrique around 1990, together with Theo Wolters and Jeroen van Erp. He later partnered with Theo, and as Fabrique 3D they moved into an office villa near the Agneta park in Delft.

Rene's passion was product development, and public design in particular. The signage at Schiphol airport, the digital travel information and layout of Dutch train stations, the new ticket machines for the Amsterdam metro, bus shelters throughout Europe; his work is visible in many public spaces.

His drive, contagious ambition and energy gave him a result-oriented approach that his clients loved. He was able to work with small enterprises as well as large corporate organisations. His ability to convince and connect stakeholders during projects was unprecedented. René was a problem-solver you could count on.

René taught us a lot. His willingness to explain something to other people was enormous; an internship under René was a crash course in design. René was a good solitary worker, but was also a real team player. “We are the little club from Delft that gives great things to the world.” He was incredibly proud of that.

He often advised us to enjoy life, and he took those words to heart himself, too. He effortlessly combined his professional life with his hobbies; making music and flying. When a Foo Fighters track was playing in the office, then it was time to really get to work, but 'Zombie' by the Cranberries was strictly forbidden. After performing with his band late at night he would always be there the next morning, in his rock&roll shoes. René built his own airplanes, and flew almost every week, often gracing the sky over Delft. He saw his business as his hobby, and he saw his hobbies as serious business.

René was 55 years old. We remember him as a great, driven and spirited colleague, and will often look up when we hear an airplane above us. We wish Caroline and Wolf all the best during the difficult time ahead.

All staff at Fabrique Public & Industrial Design

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