Books for designers; our top 5 picks

Oct. 29, 2020

In todays's blog we would like to show you the 5 most interesting books for product designers. According to us, these titels can't be missing from your bookshelf!

  1. Mechanisms and mechanical devices
    This book might look a little boring, but it is an important one for the real technical designers. When, for example, you're working on a product where drives and movement is required, this book is the perfect source of inspiration. Although the book may look a bit outdated, the illustrations are ideal for quickly gaining insight into the possibilities that you have as a designer.
  2. Materiaalkeuze voor ontwerpers In dit boek wordt de basis van ontwerpen op materiaalgebied beschreven. Dit boek is alleen al ideaal vanwege de overzichtelijke lijst van materialen en specificaties, deze vind je helemaal achterin het boek. Ook staan daar de meest gebruikte constructie formules. Dit boek slingert bij ons op kantoor rond en wordt er meerdere malen per week bij gepakt om snel wat dingen op te zoeken.
  3. Fabory catalog
    Maybe it's not really a book, but this one will always come in handy. A bunch of products contain bolts, nuts and other connections. Of course you could design a unique screw for every product, but this is not productive. Everything in this field of work has already been invented and optimized down to the last fiber. Besides this, all standard parts are cheap. A catalog that is as complete as possible and provides as many fasteners as possible is ideal to carry with you as a designer. Personally we have this one from Fabory on our shelf, but of course there are many more brands out there.
  4. Technisch zakboek
    This book basically needs no explanation! Every egnineer has once in their life browsed through this one. Because product design is such a versatile profession, it's impossible to know all the calculations and formulas from the top of your head. All these answers one can find in the technical pocketbook.
  5. Delft Design Guide
    As a design agency from Delft this book can not be missed. Design principles. tips and tricks; Als Delfts ontwerpbureau kan dit boek uiteraard niet ontbreken. Ontwerpprincipes, tips and tricks; everything is discussed in this book. Besides this, some of our colleagues from Fabrique Strategic Design contributed to the creation of this book.
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