From prototyping to “next-level” surprises

Nov. 26, 2020

Prototyping is one of the most important steps in designing a product. We use prototyping to test and verify our design solutions, so we can optimise and solve any problems before launching the product. There are endless possibilities of materials and techniques to do so, anything you have laying around on your desk or at home can at some point become a prototype or a part of it.

With the rapid development of technology it’s becoming more and more accessible for everyone to use these techniques such as 3D printing. Now you can use these techniques to step up your game this holiday season, and make some well-functioning and mind-blowing surprises or for helping your children with theirs.

surprise1 foto yannick.jpg

Yannick 3D-printed this frame for a real Friends fan

For example you can use 3D printed parts such as gears to create a mechanism that gives your design the ability to move or function. Or you can print connectors for straws to help your daughter make a replica of the Atomium for the class geek. If you have access to a laser-cutter you can make some sleek designs or use makeabox to quickly whip out a box that’s easy to assemble for your son.

Again there are endless possibilities, depending on your resources and design. Now you don’t have to do it all by yourself, you can find help and support on the internet. Aside from Pinterest, there are numerous websites with all kinds of projects and designs to provide you with inspiration and instructions with the necessary files to help you such as:


Inside this 3D-printed tooth you can put presents or a hint

Good luck!
On behalf of the Fabrique Invent team, we wish you all a happy Sinterklaas.

And if all else fails, there are also companies that can build it for you.

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