Forget me not

Dec. 10, 2020

This blog is about the so called forget-me-nots. A forget-me-not is the Dutch designation we use for an equation in mechanics that allows the designer to calculate the strength and stiffness of parts and structures.

As an industrial designer you fulfill many different tasks; you have to translate the requirements and wishes of the client into a design that also matches the target group. Besides, you are constantly working on creating a product that is feasible and affordable, whereby the product or construction must also be reliable.

There are many different methods to test your design and apply all kinds of forces. By building prototypes or by doing complex force analyzes on your digital 3D model. However, these are considerably expensive processes that are mostly only applicable when the product is already at a very advanced design stage.

In order to be able to calculate a few things early in the design process, we can use the so called "forget-me-nots"; the formulas for calculating simple constructions on strength and stiffness.


Every designer at our office knows how to do these calculations. When something is designed, it can be used very to very quickly determine whether a part does not bend too far or whether too much material has been added. These crucial calculations give the designer the opportunity to achieve the minimum and the maximum.

The construction rules give us a guideline to achieve a solid end product. When crucial parts or complicated load cases are involved in an assignment, we switch to FEM analyzes. This can be done by our partner, or by a self-chosen agency.

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