DKIJV and Fabrique Invent

Feb. 8, 2023

Niels wrote a short text about our sponsorship for the Delft Figure Skating and Ice Skating Association. Niels has been ice skating all of his life and in 2022 we partnered up with the club into a 3-year sponsorship deal. We support the club financially because we think sports are important and we also like to play a social role with our company.

Niels writes about sponsorship, entrepreneurship and how he ended up at Fabrique Invent (which, funnily enough, also has a link with the skating association...).

"It is because of clubmate and friend Rein van der Velde that I got a job at Fabrique Invent about 9 years ago. Fabrique Invent is a design agency in Delft where we develop products for consumers and the professional market. I'm still super grateful that Rein introduced me to the company, it was a great start in my career as a designer. I will leave the rest of my career story behind, but the bottom line is that a few years ago I was given the opportunity to become director of the company.

Last year DKIJV asked me if I would like to support the club financially with our company. The club has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years, a growing group of members all wear professional clothing with a unique Delft identity."

Read the full piece via this link on the website of DKIJV Delft!

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