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Lighting for the automotive sector.

The Cath is Dutch Electro’s best-selling lighting fixture. Once designed by Fabrique to contain fluorescent lamps, it has now moved to LEDs and is used as interior lighting in the commercial vehicle industry.


The Cath has been a successful product for many years now. It needed to adapt from fluorescent light to LEDs, but as we designed the product all those years ago with flexibility in mind, that was not a problem.

Cath in ambulance


Years ago, Dutch Electro asked us to design a recessed lighting fixture for the automotive sector. The fixture needed to be watertight, have a dimmer switch and the ability to house several light sources. Today, the fixture is still proving its worth. Even though we knew it could, we tested the Cath extensively to see if it could withstand the extra heat from LED lighting. This was the case, and most Caths have now been fitted with this more sustainable lighting source.

The Cath was first primarily used in ambulances, but is now making its way into many different kinds of vehicles.

Cath iso


The Cath is Dutch Electro’s best-selling light fixture, with satisfied buyers from the automotive industry across Europe.

Cath interior beurs

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