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Portfolio The LiN - a sustainable waste bin.

A sustainable waste bin.

Flemish Transport Company De Lijn provides Belgium with public transport options such as buses and trams. A number of stops needed to be furnished. Fabrique designed, among other things, the LiN waste bin.


Develop the LiN, a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly waste bin.


In order to fulfil this order, we conducted research on how to improve public waste bins. These improvements are reflected in the LiN. It is not possible to put waste on top of the bin, birds can not get waste out of the bin, and the LiN features a standard anti-graffiti coating. It is also very easy to empty the LiN.


The LiN is available in several colours, and it is even possible to give the bin a personal touch as the sides can be fitted with any image or logo.

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