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Metro train Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Metro and Tram is responsible for the construction, management and maintenance of the Amsterdam underground train and overground tram network. In addition, the organization contributes to the policy and implementation of public transport in the metropolitan area of ​​Amsterdam. Fabrique assisted in the purchase of new vehicles.


Advise and assist the municipality of Amsterdam with the purchase of the new M5 / M6 trains.


The metro trains (116.2 metres long and three metres wide) have 24 doors on each side and can accommodate up to 960 passengers. Unlike the older equipment, the benches have been placed length-wise for an increase in capacity and flow. Only the seats for people with decreased mobility have been positioned in transverse positions. The train are air-conditioned and fully accessible. The interior lights are LED lights as are the headlights.


After a test period of a few months with a small number of trains, the final order was delivered in 2016. The vehicles were enthusiastically received by travelers, staff and interest organizations. The look and feel of the vehicles has become the new standard of GVB and is being used as a base for the upgrading of the old trains and for the purchase of new trams and underground trains.

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