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Healthy grass with the BU50.

SGL develops grow lights which can be implemented on grass fields used for all kinds of sports, ranging from football to golf. Most stadiums don’t get enough sunlight on a yearly basis to allow stable grass (re)growth. Grow lights help allow the grass to grow and achieve a consistent and healthy grass coverage across the entire surface; all year around.


The first ideas and designs for this grow light were initiated by SGL, whereas Fabrique helped with the realization and making the design ready for production. The most important thing about the initial design, was that the construction was not stiff and strong enough for this application. Another requirement was that the system needed to be easy and quick to assemble and install on location. If the grow light could be designed modular and for (dis)assembly, all the individual parts can easily be repaired if needed.


By optimising the construction and choice of material of the housing, enough stifness and strength could be achieved. The grow light is delicered out of the factory as one simple package, which can effortlessly can be assembled. Due to advanced engineering and smart production choices the product states low investment costs, minimal shipment costs and low operation costs. Once the installation of the BU50 is done when purchased, the grow light is also ergonomic during daily use. By using the integrated pulling handles the BU50 can be transported over de field by hand. Once the handles are collapsed, the wheels block themselves, so the system can’t move. These smart aspects result in a very comfortable and efficient system to work with.


This grow light carries 7 light fixtures which treat up to 50 m² of grass area. The BU50 has been installed in multiple (medium)-large sized stadiums and sport fields to take care of healthy grass growth all year round. We are very proud that now along with the smaller BU10 grow light, we can also add the impressive BU50 to our design portfolio.

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