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The Ocean Cleanup

Removing the plastic waste in the oceans. That was the idea of Boyan Slat in 2012, which he presented during TEDxDelft. This was also the start of the cooperation of The Ocean Cleanup and Fabrique Computer Graphics.


Visualize how a prototype of the system can endure the weather conditions of the North Sea.


The prototype is a 100m long segment that will form a barriere in the Pacific Ocean. This barriere will collect the plastic waste that is floating in the ocean.

With this prototype the life expectancy of the system will be tested in the North Sea. In this phase of testing it's about durability and not yet about collecting plastic waste. Therefor the prototype is equipt with numerous sensors to monitor every motion.

Ocean Cleanup - Fabrique Computer Graphics


The animated video's were broadcasted nationally and internationally. The first tests of the Ocean Cleanup already toke place, in order to start testing in the Pacific Ocean in 2017. In 2020 there is a test planned on a bigger scale.

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