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Bus shelters and information panels for the city of Maastricht

Advertising Bureau Limburg (RBL) is a company that specializes in producing and operating street furniture. At the end of 2014, all 142 bus shelters and 110 information panels in the city of Maastricht were replaced within as little as two months.


Develop new bus shelters and information panels for the city of Maastricht.


Due to the modular construction of the bus shelters, and the fact that they had been pre-assembled, replacing the shelters only took two hours per unit. The shelters have a robust but friendly design, making them just right for Maastricht. Maastricht’s logo is depicted on the glass.

Maastricht omgevingsplaat


The new bus shelters are fitting for Maastricht's grandeur, and the city has made a huge leap concerning quality. As if this wasn’t enough, Maastricht has also made a big financial gain by installing these new bus shelters. By moving to this new supplier, Maastricht is saving 500,000 euros a year.

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