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Bus station Oude-Tonge and Heinenoord.

This new bus station in Oude-Tonge and Heinenoord, designed by Fabrique, is modern, accessible and durable, which is of great importance to travelers and to the development of high quality public transport in the area.


Develop a new bus station for Oude-Tonge and Heinenoord on behalf of the Dutch province of South Holland.


The old bus station of Oude-Tonge was demolished and a new platform was built. In addition, the bus station in Heinenoord was significantly restructured. Both bus platforms now have new roofs, benches and waiting areas. Travelers can see what time the bus leaves on digital signs.

The bus station in Heinenoord has become more transparent. The old front, which was made out stone, has been demolished, and a glass facade has been put up in its place. Both bus stations are also now much more accessible for people in a wheelchair and people with a visual disability. The bus platforms have been equipped with guidelines; joined ribbed tiles, which “show” visually-impaired people who walk with a stick where to go by how they feel but also by how they sound.


During the elaboration and implementation, there was an effective cooperation with Van der Ven from Brakel, which took over the engineering and construction of both bus stations. The traveler's facilities were provided by OFN.

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