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Services Product optimization

Product optimization

Product optimization goes beyond sparing the cost of your product. From a designers perspective, we look for ways on how to make a product even better in terms of form, function or production. For example, a product may have been adjusted so often that it has lost quality in all areas or that there is no longer a clear link in the design and technology on the inside. We solve these kinds of sub-problems and optimize the design to an improved 2.0 version.

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Product optimization applies, for example, to customers who want to market their own developed product for the first time. These companies become successful with procurement products and then want to expand their portfolio with more unique and innovative products. We think along with you about improving the assembly and the production method, or add any additional function requirements to the existing product. We also have a network with which we can support production and distribution.

We can also help with testing the design to find out where exactly can be optimized. Think, for example, of material and endurance tests. We have a large workshop at our disposal where we have the equipment to conduct all kinds of different tests and research. Based on the data obtained, we can improve and validate our designs.

From advice to aftercare

In consultation we choose which role we take on. We advise on solving minor sub-problems or take a step back in the design process and optimize the concept in all areas, dependable on where the most profit can be made. When the 2.0 design goes into production, this does not necessarily mean that the collaboration will end. Based on user reviews and studying the product life cycle, we can make further improvements with this newly obtained data.

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