Collaboration with street furniture supplier Tjinco from The Hague.

June 14, 2023

This spring we had a nice collaboration with Tjinco bv and Leer in het Verkeer. Together we supervised intern Tessa, who carried out a design assignment for Tjinco in order to complete her IPO study.

Tjinco supplies high quality and multi-purpose street furniture. Alongside they are also involved in road safety and education. They supply products such as attention signs, bicycle practice streets and pavement tiles. Tessa was asked to design an attention sign for vehicles in a residential area. Tjinco's supervisor Marcel has all the knowledge of the market and the functionality of the product, where Tessa could then contact us for manufacturability and going through the design process. We hope that thanks to this golden combination Tessa can successfully complete her studies! And of course it's always a nice opportunity for us to get to know another great company from The Hague this way.

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