Get to know us

Get to know us

We are Fabrique Public & Industrial Design

We design products for consumers and for use in the public space. In our designs, we strive for an optimal balance between form, producibility, functionality and cost price. Realistic and makeable.

Well thought-out Industrial design.

Our unique knowledge of materials and production techniques leads to clever, groundbreaking products. New products and applications that make efficient use of manpower, materials and investments. In large or in small batches.

We help our clients to overcome internal and external obstacles effectively and efficiently. We have plenty of experience when it comes to the human aspect of a project, and when it comes to commercial and organisational considerations. When faced with issues, we sit down with our clients to think of solutions together.

Three departments.

Fabrique Public & Industrial Design has three departments:

Fabrique Invent

makes innovative products for consumers and professionals. Solutions for complicated technical problems, innovative use of materials and techniques, clever ideas for seemingly unattainable challenges, and patentable products.

Fabrique Public Design

designs products for consumers and for use in the public space. Realistic and timeless products, with an optimal balance between form, functionality and cost price.

Fabrique Computer Graphics

helps to tell stories by presenting products, processes and ideas in 3D images and animations. Unassuming or spectacular, interactive or narrative, but always convincing and appealing.

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Together with Fabrique Strategic Design, we are the Fabrique Group.

We share a passion for developing groundbreaking new products and brands, always putting the end user first. Curious about the work of Fabrique Strategic Design Company, such as apps, websites and house styles? Go to

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