Privacy notice

Privacy notice

At Fabrique we think it is important that personal details are handled responsibly. We only process personal details in ways that are permitted by the General Data Protection Regulation. In this privacy notice we would like to explain how we will be doing that. 

The first thing you need to know is that we only use the data that you send us for its intended purpose. We will never send our customers’ data to third parties, and we will never send you our newsletter without asking.


If you are one of Fabrique’s clients, then we will keep details of the people we are in contact with. This concerns details such as name, email address, phone number, job description, and of course the general company details.
As long as you are our client, we need these details to be able to contact these people. After our cooperation has ended it is possible that some of these details remain saved, for example because they are part of a contract, invoice, or another official document. 


If you call or email us, we need your details to be able to help you further. We will save your name, company name, email address and/or phone number to be able to answer your question or get back in contact with you. As soon as the query has been dealt with, we will immediately remove these details. If our contact leads to a (possible) cooperation, then our policy comes into effect as described under “Clients”.

Call-me-back option

You can call us or email us, but you will also find a call-me-back option on our website. This button leads to a form where you can fill in your question, the name of your organisation, your name, your phone number, and your email address. We will use this information to call you back. As soon as your question has been dealt with, we will immediately remove your details. If our conversation leads to a (possible) cooperation, then our policy comes into effect as described under “Clients”.


In order to be able to measure visits to our website, our website places cookies on your pc, tablet or smartphone (a small text file with information). The use of cookies is of great importance for our website to function properly, and also the input of visitors gives us a good idea of how the website is being used and how we can improve it. The advertising cookie helps us to reach the correct target audience with the correct message, but the cookie also makes sure that you do not get to see the same ad over and over again.

When you first visit our website you will receive a message about our cookies where you can indicate your preferences. You can (usually) adjust these preferences via your browser settings, or you can adjust them in your cookie preferences on this page. You should realise that if you block our cookies, certain functions and pages on your website will not work as they should. If you would like to know more, please read more about Fabrique’s cookie policy.

Website visits

We keep track of visits to our website via Google Analytics. This mostly happens in a privacy-friendly way, which registers website visits anonymously.


We love welcoming new talent to our team! If you applied for a job at Fabrique but weren’t invited to an interview, or if we regrettably cannot give you a position, we will keep your details for up to four weeks after the closing date of the job posting. 

If we are interested in keeping your details for a little longer, so that we can approach you for similar job postings at a later date, then we will keep your details for up to a year. We will ask your permission to do this.

How long we keep your details

When we are certain we no longer need your details, we will delete them from our systems. Below you will find an overview of how long we keep your details for the most common processes.

E-mail or phone contact: as soon as your question has been dealt with, we will immediately remove your details. 
Call-me-back option: as soon as your question has been dealt with, we will immediately remove your details. 
Google Analytics: details about website visits are stored for as long as we have an agreement with Google Analytics.
Applications: 4 weeks (or a year if you agree to this).


Of course a secure system is necessary, which is why we have implemented the recommended security measures. If, despite our efforts, it does happen that personal details have been stolen, or if we suspect that the probability of this having happened is high, then we will let all people affected know as soon as possible. 

Viewing or changing your details

Do you want to change your details, do you want to view the details we store about you, or do you have a complaint or a question about the processing of your details? Please contact us via +31 15 2127 758.

Changes to our privacy notice

It is possible that we will make changes to our privacy policy in the future. We will then of course also change this privacy notice accordingly. At the bottom of this page you will find the most recent date that we made any changes.

Date of most recent change: 24 May 2018

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