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5 Keyshot tips for visualizing your product

In this blog, Keyshotter Els shares a few tips for her favorite rendering program. At Fabrique Invent she makes concept presentations, product renders and 3D animations with Keyshot. Here are the 5 tips at a glance!

  1. Studios
    By creating studios you combine your camera, environment, model set and possibly your image style and multimaterials. When you create a studio for each animation, you keep your workfile clear and organized. You can also easily make adjustments when the customer has given feedback. You can then load all your studios into the render queue with one push of a button. For a quick, clear introduction to studios, I recommend this video.
  2. Motion Blur
    Did you create a cool animation? With Motion Blur you can make your video even more spectacular. You can find this drop-down menu in the Animation bar. You can choose to apply motion blur to the movement of the camera, your model or (since Keyshot 10) your environment. One click and your animation will look very different right away!
  3. Preferences
    I would also like to advise you to walk through your Preferences. For example, I think dark mode works much better. You can easily adjust these types of settings in this menu. An important one that I always check is "Include camera changes in undo / redo". If you have forgotten to save your camera, you can also use control-Z to go back to that one position that you have selected with care. There are many more simple adjustments that can improve your workflow via Preferences, go take a look!
  4. Download Plug Ins
    We actually model all our designs in SolidWorks. But there are many more plug-ins for all kinds of different CAD programs. A plug-in provides a link between your modeling software and Keyshot, making importing your files faster. Take a look at the website of Keyshot reseller AESC to see if there is a suitable plug-in for you.
  5. Use Set Camera Target
    Do you want to take a close up of a certain part of your product? Or do you want to rotate your camera around a particular pivot? This can be done with Set Camera Target in the Camera panel. Via this button you can click on the area on your model that you want to highlight in your animation. Once you've clicked the green check mark you can still adjust the camera whatever you want, but every animation will revolve around your chosen camera target.

Hopefully you have learned something new from these tips. Do you have any questions about Keyshot or a tip that you think Els should know? Let her know!

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