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Niels Schouten

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Iconic profiles

Fabrique Invent is known for its smart and thoughtful designs. In addition, we are good at designing products made out of aluminum extrusion parts in a smart and aesthetic way. In this blog we would like to show off some of our favorite aluminum profiles!

  • The guiding profile of the Portofino sun awning - Lewens Winner of the GDA Aluminum Profile Award 2020. It's a very inventive profile in which many functions have been incorporated into a very compact profile. For example, there is a complex small click in the profile, and there is also the option to click tension springs into the profile. In addition, the profile has a level of stiffness that makes it appear nice and straight to the eye, despite the heavy load and size of the construction.
  • The BU profile - SGL We developed an aluminum profile for SGL that has now been incorporated into several of their products. This profile, with a circumscribed circle of 300 mm, is one of our largest and heaviest profiles, but it is still relatively light. The profile provides a beautiful design for the entire product and contains many details to make the assembling of the product quick and easy.
  • Track profile - Dutch Electro Besides very large profiles, we also make very small profiles. For a completely different industry; lighting in the automotive industry, it is important that the luminaires are small, indestructible and stylish. But also need to have enough surface to dissipate the heat from the LEDs. Aluminum extrusion is also excellent for this. We calculate what surface is needed to make the design as sleek and fitted as possible. One of the smallest examples of this is the Track profile from Dutch Electro, with a surface that is smaller than your thumb. The nice thing about this profile is that it can also be combined like a building block with all kinds of profiles to meet the requiremens of the customer. The possibilities are endless; plastic profiles that can be clicked on, small casting caps can be added, and also one of the smallest aluminum click profiles that we have designed can be attached. And as the technical readers will know; the smaller the profile, the more difficult it is to achieve the required suspension travel in your click!
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