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Niels Schouten

sr. Industrial Engineer / Director

Click connections in aluminum.

In the world of design and engineering, click connections have played a revolutionary role, especially in plastic constructions. However, the potential of click connections in aluminum profiles remains largely unexplored. As a specialized design agency, we have dedicated ourselves to exploring this area, using complex calculations to make products smarter and improve the product lifecycle.

Why aluminum?

Aluminum is a versatile material known for its lightness, strength and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in various industries ranging from construction to the automotive industry. However, traditional fastening methods often require a lot of material and can hinder the recyclability of the aluminum. This is where click connections come into play, with the focus on less material use and improved recyclability.

Our specialization: smart click connections in aluminum

As a design agency, we have focused on optimizing aluminum products by using smart click connections. These connections are made possible by precise calculations, taking into account factors such as load, durability and ease of use. The result is an innovative design that is not only sturdy but also requires significantly fewer mounting materials.

Advantages of click connections in aluminum

  • Efficient use of materials: By using snap connections we can significantly reduce the amount of material required, without compromising the structural integrity of the product.
  • Easier assembly: click connections make the assembly process more efficient and faster. This not only results in time savings during production, but also in lower labor costs.
  • Improved recyclability: Traditional mounting methods can make recycling more difficult. Click connections simplify the disassembly of components, making aluminum recycling easier and more sustainable.
  • Design flexibility: Snap connections offer more design freedom. This opens the door to creative solutions and innovative product designs.
  • Future perspective: "sustainable" design as a priority: at a time when sustainability is high on the agenda, the integration of click connections in aluminum profiles is a step in the right direction. Our expertise allows us to provide tailor-made solutions for various sectors, striving for sustainability without compromising on functionality and aesthetics.

As a design agency, we continue to focus on exploring new possibilities and optimizing aluminum products, including through smart click connections.

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Niels Schouten

sr. Industrial Engineer / Director

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Niels Schouten

sr. Industrial Engineer / Director

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