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The City Cell Phone Booth.

Contrary to what you might think, phone booths are still being used. In fact, in the Netherlands, 20 million calls are still being made out of phone booths every year. Our booth allows KPN, the oldest telecommunications company in the Netherlands, to continue to offer public telephony, and combine this with services like WiFi.


Design a new phone booth. For this project, Fabrique was commissioned by advertising operator Clear Channel Hillenaar and KPN.

City cell Zoom


The phone booth has a geometric design and an illuminated advertising panel on one side. It’s a more customer-friendly booth than the old triangular one that used to be visible on the Dutch streets, for example because we removed the doors. It is also much more easily accessible for disabled people. Good lighting and good phone positioning increase the sense of security. The booth also has an sms service. Customers can pay by phone card, debit card and with good old-fashioned small change.

CityCell omgeving


A phone booth which allows for much more ease of cleaning and repairs, reducing maintenance costs.

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