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Vertical awnings for every situation.

After the glass roofs and hinged arm awnings, it was an obvious step to make vertical awnings - vertical roller shades with sidetracks, also called zip screens. Fabrique has designed multiple vertical awnings for Lewens.


Design a window screen that can be placed as a surface mounted screen as well as a recessed screen. The screen must be as tightly sprung as possible.


Fabrique designed a vertical awning for placement in almost any situation. It can be made as wide as 5.5 metres and up to 6 metres high. With well-designed profiles, we found a way to put the screen under such tension that it is tightly sprung and can withstand strong winds, but can still be opened and closed without noise.


The screens are currently being placed throughout Europe. It’s an easy-to-install system which can be set up in a couple of hours with only two people. All the products we develop for Lewens are compatible with each other, thus, these screens are the latest in a line of “building blocks” for the ever more successful Lewens catalogue.

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