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Less structure, more terrace.

In 2015, the Murano Puro was introduced at the R&T Fair in Stuttgart as the new, lighter brother of the Murano Vetro. With use of the acquired patents, Fabrique created a glass roof with unprecedented possibilities.


Create a lighter verion of the successful Murano Vetro.


With use of the acquired patents and of data from the Murano Vetro, Fabrique brought a whole new product on the market in record time. The Murano Puro has a weight reduction of 50% compared to its bigger brother, with only a 20% decrease in maximum dimensions.


A glass roof system with a lot of weight reduction and therefore a big cost reduction, made possible through smartly designed aluminium profiles. Many retailers are enjoying the flexibility that this gives them. The Murano Puro is being sold in numbers that have exceeded expectations across Europe.

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