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Portfolio Timeless bus shelter for Haaglanden.

Timeless bus shelter for Haaglanden.

Quality of life in urban areas is becoming increasingly important. The Metropolitan area of Rotterdam and The Hague is conscious of this and is reshaping the city into an attractive and safe area with a good living environment. One of the things they have done was placing new bus shelters in the municipalities of The Hague, Delft, Westland and Central Delfland.


Develop a timeless and vandal-proof bus shelter fitting for The Hague and its surroundings.


Fabrique designed new public transport furniture on behalf of the Rotterdam/The Hague Metropolitan Area and also fulfilled an advisory function. The bus shelters are spacious, comfortable and transparent, and do well at locations such as the city centre of The Hague, in front of the offices of Fabrique in Delft and at the auction hall in Naaldwijk.. The roof is carried out with a special print, which causes the sun to create shadows on the platform and on the bus shelter itself in the form of herons for The Hague, depictions of the famous “skewed John” church for Delft and depictions of buses and trams for other municipalities. Of course we did not forget to pay attention to maintainability and vandal resistance.


Timeless bus shelters, fitting for the municipalities that they are located in. The shelter’s roof is its most striking feature, however, presenting fun depictions which belong to the shelter’s location. Due to the modular structure it is no problem to supply these shelters in different sizes.

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