Services Testing

Services Testing


A large workshop with all the required tools gives us the opportunity to test our products extensively. This does not mean that we only test the endurance of our products. Of course, this is very important and meaningful and this provides a lot of information with which you can make your product better and more sustainable. But in addition to endurance tests, we also test the assembleability and maximum load capacity of our designs. Products must be safe to use and also easy to assemble in the factory.

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It may sound obvious, but the assembly of your product is something you need to think about carefully. First, we draw everything digitally in 3D to get an idea of what the product will look like. An important step is to then process your idea into a prototype and put it together in real life. This way we find out if everything works as we had in mind and production can be started.

Load capacity

When designing a construction, it is always important to test the load capacity. We do this by making digital simulations of the load on our designs. Through these simulations we see the weak spots in the design and solve this by adjusting the construction, choice of material or shape of the design. In addition to using simulations and calculation models, we also do physical tests with our prototypes in our workshop.


We already showed some of the experiments we do on our blog section. Need a bastard-proof material that can withstand all weather conditions? We test it with our UV box. Curious about the influence of the heat released by an LED lamp on your fixture? We eliminate the upcoming problems in the design phase by doing quick tests with our prototypes.

We always try to detect potential problems and get ahead of them through testing and research. Thanks to our experience with these kinds of challenges, we save money and time in the design process.

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