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Els ter Haar

Industrial Designer / CGI

A glimpse into our green office.

We moved with our computers to our home offices a long time ago. But with the empty, tidy office, this turned out to be a great opportunity to take some pictures of the plants in our office! In this blog we will give you a glimpse of our green workspace, and maybe you will get inspired to put some plants next to your desk as well.

We love green around us; inside and outside the office. Our property is adjacent to the beautiful Agnetapark in Delft. This provides a nice view, and if the weather is good we can have lunch outside in the sun. Need a moment for yourself? Step outside and you will instantly hear the birds whistle, quietness around you and you spot a few playing dogs that are being walked.

But we also have many different plants inside the office. They add color and a nice atmosphere to our space and apparently also cause our colleagues to be less stressed! Plants are known to create a homely feeling that makes employees feel more comfortable. In addition, there are many other advantages to a green office.

We simply do the maintenance ourselves. When the soil in the pot starts to dry out, one of the colleagues walks around with a watering can. This is actually not too much work, so don't let this stop you from getting plants for your office!

Did you like to have a look inside our office? Then follow us on Instagram, where we also share a snapshot every now and then!

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