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Niels Schouten

sr. Industrial Engineer / Director

Profile of an Invent designer.

Despite the fact that there are only eight of us, we still are able to create smart and aesthetic products. Our strength lies mainly in our team. All designers in heart and soul, each with their own set of skills that make our agency our agency. Our working method is based on mutual trust and respect, whereby we help and support each other in the things we do.

A designer at Fabrique Invent is a multi-faceted person who is not only involved in a certain part of the design process. For example, we have no one who is purely concerned with concepts, nor someone who only does drawings. We are generally all deployabe throughout the entire design process. How nice is it that when you have designed something cool that you can put it together yourself for the first time. Or that when you send your drawings out the door that you receive feedback from the client yourself and that you can also look at the production of your idea later.

This makes us a very interesting agency. All colleagues are aware that what we are working on will actually be made somewhere in the future. And with this drive, we are all busy developing concepts and looking for the best solution for every client.

Does everyone know it all? No, of course not.. Everyone knows what each other is good at, and each of us also knows what they are doing. We work together when necessary and support each other to succesfully go through every phase of the product development.

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This article was written by Niels Schouten. Niels is a designer, movement technologist and director at Fabrique Invent.

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Niels Schouten

sr. Industrial Engineer / Director

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Niels Schouten

sr. Industrial Engineer / Director

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