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Infraspeed BV is the rail infrastructure manager of the HSL-Zuid, a high speed railway line from Amsterdam to the south of the Netherlands. The whole superstructure of HSL-Zuid had to be addressed, making this one of Fabrique’s biggest projects ever.


Develop the HSL Zuid superstructure: overhead masts, noise barriers, safety barriers, stairwells, emergency exits and electrical enclosures.


Besides design, engineering and cost-engineering, one of Fabrique's most important tasks was to assist in contacts with parties such as the municipalities and a committee devoted to safeguarding the countryside’s beauty.

HSL zuid overview


Although the HSL project is one of the larger projects Fabrique has ever done, the project is also special on a much smaller scale. Madurodam, the popular Dutch park with miniatures of famous Dutch landmarks, now features a 150-meter long HSL railway line. The barriers, fences and overhead masts are accurate copies, scaled 1 to 25, of Fabrique's designs.

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