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Noise absorbing tunnel lining.

Van Eycken Noise Barriers are designed for use along railways, motorways and other noise sources. The acoustic performance of these screens ensures that the incoming traffic noise is absorbed. Due to their durable and weather-resistant components, the panels are ideal for installation on bridges, or as an absorbent covering on (tunnel) walls. Fabrique helped to design a suitable frame for these panels.


The role of Fabrique within this project was to design a structure that will attach the noise barriers to the walls which requires fast and flexible assembling. Another important aspect of the frame is that it has to be modular, so the noise barriers can be attached in different ways. By allowing this, the same frame can be used in every situation and environment.


The closed aluminium cassettes are extremely fireproof. The system proprietary clamping mechanism can attach the noise panels horizontally as well as vertically. The frame and panels are also very low weight, which results in efficient assembling on location.


The panels can be stacked up to 6 meters inside this structure. The Noorderlijn project makes the north of Antwerp accessible in various phases by tram, with the avenues being tunneled. In these tunnels a total of 3190 m² of the acoustic wall lining has already been installed.

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