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Portfolio Frame for noise barriers.

Frame for noise barriers.

Van Eycken is a Belgian company who produces, delivers and installs various, custom metal constructions, noise barriers and vehicle turning constructions. Together with Fabrique, these new noise barriers are developed, which will be positioned alongside the highway.


Van Eycken has designed an innovative package existing of three layers, which is used to create good cushioning and resistance for noise on the highway. A fitting assemble frame did not yet exist for these barriers, and so van Eycken asked Fabrique to design a good load-bearing construction which met the building standards.


Fabrique has designed this modular support structure, existing out of aluminium extrusion profiles. The vertical clamping mechanism are designed so the noise barriers can be attached frontal or amongst the structure. This feature is incorporated, so that when the space is limited during assembling, the barrier can also be attached amongst the vertical uprights. One of the biggest adventages of the closed aluminium cassetes is the speed of the assembly process on location.


The frame is designed in a modular way, so also the transparant noise barriers that van Eycken has in their assortment can be installed with this same structure. Amongst various Belgian highways the noise barriers are now installed.

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