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Frameless lighting panels.

ArchilumO’s objective is to create perfectly illuminated spaces, and to achieve this they use the ceilings and the walls as their canvas. Fabrique designed a clever way for them to paint on their canvas using beautiful, modular lighting panels: the CompoSe and the Lightwall.


Design lighting panels that can be assembled and arranged according to the wishes of the client. With these homogeneously illuminated panels, the possible configurations should be endless.

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These lighting panels are unique because of their frameless design. An observer standing in front of the configuration will not be able to spot any edges whatsoever. The panels also have a really slim look because of their tapering shape, which makes them look optically thinner. The panels can be connected to each other in uncountable different ways without any edges disturbing the seamless look of the design.

The Lightwall consists of straight panels which can be hung above a table, for example, while with the CompoSe you can create different shapes by linking the eight basic shapes in different ways. The curved surfaces of the CompoSe are not limited to shapes in the flat plane; it is also possible to realize curvatures in 3D.

ArchilumO - office


With CompoSe and Lightwall, your lighting will be out of the ordinary, a messenger of ambiance in space. A playful and at the same time sleek way to make your space that much more appealing.

Interieurontwerp en visualisatie: Frame+View

Portfolio Office WC

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