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Portfolio Lightline for Amsterdam metro

Lightline for metro Amsterdam

Good lighting is essential for a pleasant and safe environment. Lighting is what RX-Light does best, so they were the obvious choice to take the lead on this project. Together with Fabrique they developed a conduit with lighting fixtures, speakers and cameras for the underground stations of the Amsterdam metro.


The East Line metro stations need to be fitted with lighting, speakers and cameras. The lighting style needs to match the new look of the stations.

Lichtlijn amsterdam Madeweg Fabrique


Each conduit is built up of standard modules which connect easily to create a unique pattern for each station. By cleverly designing the standard modules we were able to achieve a different look for each station with a small number of modules, all easy to connect. The lighting conduit consists of two extrusion profiles which allow for easy installation of the electrical parts and other components that need to go inside. The top of the conduit has a lid which can be opened for maintenance. The conduit has been equipped with speakers to inform the traveler, lights that shine up- and downwards, and security cameras.


The lighting conduit has been received by passengers as a beautiful addition to the stations. It will be installed at nine different stations along the Amsterdam metro East line.

Lichtlijn amsterdam Madeweg 2 Fabrique

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