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Zenith LED Toplight.

At Dutch Lighting Innovations they have listened carefully to the wishes of growers. DLI supplies horticulture lighting that combines proven technology of existing lighting with modern production processes. These 'Grow Light Systems' help crops to grow as efficiently as possible.


After we developed the successful APEX LED fixture for DLI, the demand for an optimization arose. Requirements that this new luminaire will have to meet: more efficient, cooler and lighter compared to its predecessor. In addition, it is important that the luminaire is watertight and that the design language matches the rest of the products.


The solution to all these challenges lies in the structure and shape of the product. By integrating the power box into the fixture, the toplight fits perfectly under the screen package, creating the smallest possible surface area that reduces the total light interception in the greenhouse. Ultimately, every extra percent of sunlight in the greenhouse means lower energy consumption for the grower and thus a higher yield.

The luminaire is also lightweight (<12kg), which makes installation easier and also reduces the total load on the trellis. The APEX fixture, the fixture that formed the basis of the design of the Zenith, is known as the best cooled fixture on the market. This is thanks to the so-called passive cooling that is created by the shape and placement of the aluminum profiles. At the Zenith, it has been thoroughly researched how this innovation could be taken to an even higher level. By adjusting the cooling profiles so that the surface area is increased, the cooling is optimized and up to 30% more heat can be dissipated. The higher cooling capacity ensures an even lower LED temperature, which results in higher efficiency and a longer lifespan of the fixture.


By adding another distinctive luminaire to DLI's product range, they can provide customized solutions for their growers. After the introduction of the APEX, there is no doubt that this luminaire will also be a great success.

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