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Portfolio Lighting fixture for agriculture.

Lighting fixture for agriculture.

Together with Dutch Lighting Innovations, Fabrique Invent has designed and produced new lighting systems for worldwide greenhouse horticulture. These LED fixtures ensure that the plants grow as efficiently as possible.


After successfully selling standard fixtures for a long time, Dutch Lighting Innovations decided that it was time for a custom optimisation. Based on user experiences of their clients and innovations in the sector, new requirements arose for the light fixture that had to be translated into a new design. That's why they reached out to us. One of these optimizations was to go from 800 Watts to 1000 Watts per fixture.


Integrating more LEDs per fixture increases the power, but also results in a new challenge regarding the heat distribution. We solved this by playing with the shape of the fixture and by using smart materials.

In addition, the fixture of course had to be watertight. By placing membranes in the end caps, hot air can come out of the lamp, but no water can get into the aluminum profiles.

In this new design the power supply box is situated externally, so that several fixtures can be linked closer together. The power supply box can then be hung above the fixture instead of between the LEDs, so that there is more surface area of light.


In addition to the brand new design for the fixture, we also provided Dutch Lighting Innovations with a cool teaser video and product images using 3D animation. The growlight fixture is now in production.

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