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Infrared fixture.

Nowadays it is well known that LED is a lot more efficient than halogen lamps. In addition, LED lighting also lasts much longer. This more sustainable option led to a transition in the world of grow lights.


By switching from halogen to LED, grow light manufacturer SGL noticed that a lot less heat was released at the light source. While this heat also plays a major role in making grass grow faster. That is why they asked Fabrique Invent to develop an infrared fixture that gives off that needed heat.


The product is made up of two aluminum profiles and a sheet metal in between. The perforated metal sheet ensures sufficient heat dissipation. A chrome-plated panel is formed around the infrared source, so that the radiation is reflected most efficiently. In addition, we advised about the assembly in the factory and the way the fixture can be installed effortlessly onto the lighting system.

The cables are gathered in the gray Wago box. This box can be slid on the holder, which contains barbs. This way the box is is mounted without the need of screws.


The infrared fixture is integrated together with LED modules on several lighting systems from SGL so that the grass in football stadiums, on golf courses and on rugby fields remains well cared for in a sustainable way.

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