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Singular light fixture.

After designing a fixture that can emit 1000W of light, Dutch Lighting Innovations asked us to also design a singular variant of this luminair.


A different type of lamp will be used in this fixture: far-red light. Far-red light is a series of light at the extremely red end of the visible spectrum, just ahead of infrared light. Plants use this light as energy for photosynthesis, making them grow more efficiently. Design a single fixture with connecting power supply box.


Because this fixture has less power than the 1000W fixture, the aluminum profile has to dissipate less heat. Despite the fact that the shape had to be kept simple, it was important to remain in the same form-family as the other luminaires from Dutch Lighting Innovations. The profile is also easier to glue due to its design. The end caps are designed in such a way that only one mold is needed, which saves production costs and time in assembly.


In addition to the light fixture, a narrow power supply box has also been developed, so that they can be placed in series. With the power supply box 3 fixtures can be controlled. The valves and couplings that are used make the fixture completely watertight. The fixtures will be hung in the agriculture and greenhouse sector.

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