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NS and ProRail, respectively a carrier and a rail network manager in the Netherlands, wanted to better inform the traveler with a real-time information system, thereby improving passenger satisfaction. To make this a reality, they turned to Fabrique.


Design a real-time information system that will improve traveler satisfaction.

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Fabrique, in collaboration with Siemens, Armada / HVL and GDS, developed new presentation screens for the Dutch train stations. These screens provide information about departing trains, rail changes and delays. The screens allow passengers to flow quickly and flexibly to the desired train. The new system replaces the old split-flap displays which worked with rotating flaps and could only display the static information that was already written on those flaps.

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Due to the well-thought-out technical implementation, the system also works under extreme weather conditions. The design seamlessly ties in with the Dutch railway brand identity which has been developed by Bureau Spoorbouwmeester on behalf of the Dutch Railways and ProRail.

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