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Wayfinding at stations.

At stations, millions of eyes are looking at signs every day. Light boxes and signs have to convey their messages at a glance. ProRail, responsible for the rail network in the Netherlands, achieves this thanks to signage designed by Fabrique.


All Dutch stations need new signage. Fabrique was asked to design light boxes and signs for all stations of the Dutch Railways. For this project, we concentrated on the wayfinding signs.

NS bewegwijzering Delft


We developed a construction made out of aluminum, plastic and steel and we advised ProRail about electronics, lighting and coatings. Based on the final design, Fabrique drew up the technical specifications for a European tender and advised in selecting a producer. After this we were responsible for the technical guidance of the implementation. We created several manuals about the maintenance of the wayfinding system, which will ensure that the signage remains reproducible for at least the next 20 years.

bewegwijzering station liggend


Signs which have a fresh appearance but which, more importantly, are easily understandable at a glance. The signs can be produced in almost any size. In combination with various accessories such as posts and holders, the signs can be installed in a wide range of constellations.

bewegwijzering Amersfoort

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