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Folding arm awning, Toscana.

The beginning of a long-lasting partnership: the first assignment Fabrique got from the Lewens firm was to design a folding arm awning. This became the Toscana. After the Toscana we designed similar awnings, but our first sunshade remains the flagship. In 2004 it won the Aluminium Award for Best Consumer Product.


Design a hinged arm awning with a maximum width of 7 metres and a length of 4 metres.


Through cleverly designed die-casted parts and extrusion profiles, the Toscana can be adjusted continuously to the angle that suits the client. It is possible to connect it to a wall but also to the ceiling without using extra parts. The Toscana can be supplied with the requested dimensions and can contain LED lighting strips. In addition, the awning is also very easily replaced - if the client would like another colour fabric, for example, this can be arranged without dismantling the entire system.


With the design of the Toscana we won the Aluminium Award in 2004. The product is still being sold to this day, and it signalled the start of a successful partnership with the Lewens firm which is still successful today.

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