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Light bodywork for company vehicles.

Value & More is new to this market but has tons of experience in bodywork as they have been doing research for years into the advantages and disadvantages of car bodies. Value & More is now ready to take its place in the bodywork market with the Boxkit, designed by Fabrique.


Develop a lightweight vehicle body which requires little assembly time, and has easily replaceable parts making it efficient to deal with damage.

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The Boxkit presents a unique solution for the bodywork industry where margins are low and staff costs high. The Boxkit's quick assembly and high repair friendliness make it an innovation on the market. Companies whose vehicles need to be repaired will only lose the use of these vehicles for a very short time. This is because the bodywork is composed of extruded profiles which makes it easy to assemble without any glue or sealant.

Value & More conducts all its business itself: sale, assembly and maintenance of the Boxkit is all done by the same company. Together with its modularity and the interchangeability of components this leads to very sharp pricing.

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The Boxkit is a big success! The first customers have signed up early and are very excited. A beautiful start to a beautiful future.

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