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Vertical bicycle parking.

Stiels contributes to a sustainable and liveable outdoor space by making available, managing and sometimes financing, high-quality street furniture. Together with clients and suppliers, Stiels is always working to create ever better solutions for outdoor problems. One of their innovations is the Jack, for easy vertical bicycle parking.


Develop a vertical bicycle parking system for use by companies, as part of a business cycling programme with service bikes, but also for bicycle retailers, public transport bikes, communal bicycle sheds and bicycle cellars in apartment buildings.


The sympathetic solution for safe, convenient and space-saving vertical bicycle parking is called Jack.

The Jack saves space (over 40% savings relative to horizontal bicycle parking) and is retractable. There is no effort required, it is suitable for all ages and for almost all kinds of bikes. Installation is simple and once up it requires little maintenance.

The Jack is very suitable for small areas such as garages, parking garages, retail, neighbourhood facilities and at home. Mounted on the wall or freestanding on a special mounting frame.

Jack fietslift hall


For heavily used, indoor public bicycle parking areas where the ceiling is too low for double-decker bike parking, the Jack vertical bike parking system is an excellent solution. By making existing, unused space accessible for bicycle parking it reduces the problem of too many parked bicycles in public areas. By parking the family’s bikes on the wall a minimum space requirement is needed, and when someone wants to use their bike they do not have to move the other bikes around to get at it. The Jack is easy to use for children and adults alike.

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