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Sitting is considered the new smoking. Sitting a lot at work is a trigger for back pain for many people. Weak back and core muscles cause the sitting position people adopt to deteriorate, which can result in back pain.


Develop a dynamic stool that is suitable for all workplaces. From the office environment to the medical sector. People with a sedentary profession often have to deal with back problems. Active or dynamic sitting helps to improve posture and to prevent and remedy back complaints. The Sit-i stool ensures that the deep back muscles and core are strengthened. This is because you are constantly improving your posture on the Sit-i. Fabrique Invent was asked to make a design that meets all these requirements.

Physiotherapists also asked to be able to retrieve 'sitting data' from the stool. Using data about the user's sitting position, the physiotherapist can help his/her patient even better.


A new challenge was added to make the Sit-i suitable for the medical sector. It is important for this type of work that the stool can be kept hygienic. The superimposed shell parts of the foot have been taken into account, they have been designed in such a way that no dust or dirt remains in them. In addition to being more hygienic, it also ensures a longer life for the product.

Another challenge was to keep the pivot point of the foot as low as possible. A low pivot point provides more stability. We calculated the maximum angle of movement that could be achieved with the lowest possible pivot point and implemented this in the crank.

We have developed a special version of the Sit-i-Sensortube for reading sitting data. This second version of the stool has smart measuring equipment that physiotherapists can read to help their patients even better.


A dynamic stool that can be used in all workplaces. The stool offers a lot of stability due to its low pivot point. Due to the two moving elements at the top and bottom of the stool, you as a user are constantly working on improving your posture, which prevents and treats back complaints.

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