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Rokaway ashtray.

RUCO, a company specializing in production and assembly of sheet metal parts, has produced the Rokaway® outdoor ashtray. Outdoor Furniture Nederland (OFN) is responsible for the distribution and placement of this beautifully styled smokers’ station.


Develop a beautifully styled yet robust outdoor ashtray. A smokers’ station that can be used as an ashtray but also as a table for drinks.


Due to the beautiful aluminium the 1.25 meter high column looks very slender. A table-top has been fitted around the ashtray so that true cigarette lovers can take their drinks outside with them as well as their cigarettes and lighters. The smoker is comfortable and the ashtray looks stylish. The collection system for the cigarette butts is ingenious. Via a special inlet, the cigarette remains fall into a special bin inside the column which is easy to empty and clean.


Cigarette butts on the ground belong to the past with this ashtray. Smokers are perfectly served by this sleek column and its added table.

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