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Automatic punching machine.

Fabrique Invent collaborated with Technisch Adviesbureau ERS to develop a new punching machine. This machine is designed to punch holes in rubber belts. These belts are used in elevators; transport containers can be mounted on the elevator via the punched holes. The punching machine automates and regulates this process.


Machine construction requires a different approach than industrial (series) design. Some problems can already be foreseen by digitally modeling the machine in 3D, but to find out what's the most optimal functioning of the machine you have to start building it and switch it on to see which challenges occur.

The rubber bands in which the holes are punched can differ in thickness, width, type of reinforcement and weight. A lot of factors to take into account while developing this machine.


The holes are punched using an air pressure hydraulic system, this is necessary to generate the force needed to manoeuvre the punch completely through the (often reinforced) rubber. The rubber belts are always centered in this machine, which is very important for a controlled process.

Materials tests were performed to determine what kind of surface should be placed underneath the rubber band. A balance is found where the punching machine will make no dents in the bottomplate, but the plate will not stick to the punch either.

The role of Fabrique Invent was to find ways to resolve occuring problems and to make production drawings for various parts.


Once done the machine has been given a nice housing and is now punching at elevator developer Muller Beltex. The punched belts are used for elevators in, among others, the offshore sector and waste processing.

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