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Boring, bare facades and walls belong to the past. Comhan, an aluminium wholesaler, has used their knowledge and experience of large systems to enter the market of tension display systems for large-scale advertisements.


When large inkjet printing machines for canvas banners were developed, a demand also logically arose for a system which could keep these large banners in place. These banners are perfect for locations which do not allow for the use of acrylic signs.


The system that we developed had the great advantage that the canvas can be stretched without hemming the fabric. This led to lower production costs as transportation to a special company for hemming wasn't needed, and expensive errors which would only be discovered upon placement of the banner were avoided. The canvas is pulled taught evenly around the entire circumference, meaning the edges remain perfectly straight. The tightening is done very easily with an electric drill. The system also allows for beautiful illumination, despite the fact that the banner is borderless.


Because of all these competitive advantages, the Easyflex system has become a major European success. Over the years, Fabrique has developed many related products for Comhan using the same tensioning system.

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