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At S[&]T they offer software and hardware solutions for all kinds of matters related to space travel. This also includes questions about the signals from navigation satellites.


Everyone uses navigation satellites in their everyday life, often without even realizing it. For example, finding the route to your holiday destination, but also consider the navigation of aircraft and ships. Because many users rely on satellite signals for their navigation, it is important that these signals are properly monitored. S[&]T has developed a system that can monitor disruptions and/or spoofing of satellite navigation signals. In order to properly test this system, a box was needed to protect the components of the system. The box should be easy to use for testing and should therefore be handheld.


This project was a switch up for us. Normally we design products that are produced in larger numbers, but for this product, only a few boxes will be ordered at this stage of the project. To increase functionality, two different housings have been designed to secure the components. All components have been given a logical place and have been fixed where possible.


By first 3D printing the designs of the boxes in our workshop, S[&]T was able to install the components in the applicable places to see if everything was right and perform the first tests. Once this was satisfactory, the housings were milled from aluminum by one of our partners. The boxes have now been fully installed and the tests have been successfully carried out. All kinds of design wishes that have emerged will be taken into account in the next development phase.

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