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Portfolio NS stations - Greenery on wast bins.

More greenery on the platform.

The Dutch railway (NS) is always looking for ways to improve the atmosphere at stations to make passengers feel at home.


In order to meet the need for more atmosphere and humanity at stations, the decision was made to introduce more plantlife, as research has shown that this improves travelers’ well being. Fabrique was asked to develop a product that brings greenery to the public space of stations using only limited resources and without adjusting the existing situation.


We designed a simple plant box that could be applied to the waste bins which were already at the stations. The plant box has been designed to be mounted on the bin, without the bin needing any adjustments. This means investments are very low.

NS bak white


The first plant boxes have been placed at Leiden station. The reactions from travelers have been very positive to these sympathetic atmosphere enhancers, and NS expects many stations to follow.

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