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Buy your ticket easily with GVB.

Waiting in line to use a ticket vending machine for the Amsterdam bus, tram and metro, will soon become a thing of the past. Together with GVB, Fabrique designed user-friendly machines. The main objective: faster circulation.


The current Amsterdam public transport ticket machines no longer meet user requirements. For this reason GVB, the municipal public transport operator for Amsterdam, asked Fabrique to design a new machine. This was the first time that the company enlisted a design agency to develop their ticket vending machine.


The new ticket machine puts the focus back on the traveller. We worked on clarifying the process of buying a ticket for all target groups, with friendlier instructions in many different languages. A lot of attention was given to the combination of the technical design and the user interface.

GVB-TVM-Full front right User.jpg


The new GVB ticket vending machines are scheduled to be installed in 2018. Together with designers from Fabrique International Strategic Design Company we will remain involved throughout the process. This way, we can continue to monitor the quality during the realisation phase.

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