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Olav Hoekstra

Industrial Designer / Projectleader

A pleasant work environment at the office

Everybody wants to enjoy going to work, right? In addition to a position that gives fulfilment and appreciation, the atmosphere in the office is just as important. After all, creating an environment in which people feel valued, inspired and involved contributes to productivity, satisfaction and motivation. In this blog post we will explore four important elements of the pleasant working environment at our office.

Freedom and informality
There is a relaxed environment at Fabrique Invent. It is not a large company, which makes it extra important to feel comfortable with your colleagues. In addition to the responsibilities associated with the job position, there is room for informal conversations. Everyone knows each other on a personal level, which creates a feeling of trust and connection. Taking initiative is highly valued, which leads to a corporate culture in which everyone feels free to contribute. And it certainly doesn't always have to be serious. A healthy dose of humor and fun in the workplace makes working at Fabrique Invent a lot of fun.

Team feeling
Although everyone usually works on projects individually, the entire team is always ready to help with questions or when someone feels stuck. Ultimately, we have to do it together, which means that there is a great sense of teamwork within the company. Sparring or brainstorming is often done to prevent you from getting too stuck in your own thoughts. The lines of communication are short within the team. You don't have to schedule a meeting or email someone with your question, you can just drop by their desk. This ensures that you can continue with your project quickly and that the rest of the team knows what occupies this.

Activities and (sports) events
Activities are regularly organized within the team to do something fun outside working hours. Consider, for example, a board game evening or Friday afternoon drinks in the Gist. But much more often the outings are of a sporting nature. Every year, almost everyone participates in the Golden Ten run in Delft, where the competition is held to see who can run the fastest 10 km. There is also climbing and we sometimes hit a ball on the padel court. To top it all off, the company trip to Disneyland Paris came as a surprise this year. If this doesn't improve the moods within the team, what will?

A beautiful working environment
Finally, our green and light office contributes a lot to the working atmosphere. The plant collection has recently been expanded again. It gives you a nice feeling to be in the office. No dusty office with cubicles, but an open space with a high ceiling, lots of light and beautiful plants. Also take a look at this older blog post about our building in the Agneta Park!

Inspired by the working atmosphere at Fabrique and would you like to know more about it? Then take a look at our Instagram page, or come by for a cup of coffee!

A glimpse into our green office.

The collection of plants at our office in Delft.

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